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Why South Africa?
South Africa is gifted with a variety of wild game bird populations of which there are more than fifty species. More than twenty of these species are available as fair game and are shot regularly in our area. In the veldt and around the fields you will find species including guinea fowl, various varieties of partridge and francolin species, as well as numerous dove and pigeons species, sand grouse, quail, etc. We have a few dams and marshy areas that provide habitat to various duck species for example Egyptian geese, spur wing goose and a variety of ducks, etc. Hunting is done from a blind, using decoy's and caller to lure the birds in.


 Pointers are used exclusively to hunt, point and retrieve grey wing partridge in the highlands of the Eastern Cape Province. These pointers can range far ahead of the guns to find the scattered grey wing coveys. When hunting with the dogs, the Pointers are used almost exclusively to hunt, point and retrieve the birds over large bodies of water or in the grass cover. All the dogs are experienced and well schooled to ensure client satisfaction.

In pursuit of South Africa's game bird species it's a once in a life-time bird shooting safari, where the experience surpasses the burden of a heavy bag. Relax and enjoy an afternoon's wing shooting, or, after a hard day's hunting, sit and wait for the birds to fly in while the sun sets over the Karoo plains.

Shooting seasons
Doves & Pigeons : Year round with a peak from March to mid June
Geese : 1 Jan - 31 Aug with a peak during May to Aug
Guinea fowl & Francolin : End of April - End of Aug
Ducks : 1 May - 31 August
Grey wing Partridge : 1 April - 31 July
Ostrich : Year round
Please bear in mind that the shooting seasons vary between the nine different provinces of South Africa.
Restricted game birds do not have an open season, but may be shot when issued with a special hunting permit from our Department of Economic Affairs, Environment and Tourism.

Sebastian Hospital and Pablo Carol Losa from Barcelona Spain, experienced an enjoyable afternoon of wing shooting.

Agent : Pablo Carol, International Wild Hunting, info@iwhunting.com



E-mail:  bennie@hoeksfontein.co.za
Mobile Phone: +2782 664 3810  Land Line and Fax: +2742 246 1488
Hoeksfontein Safaris, PO Box 15, Pearston, South Africa, 5860



S 32°  23. 255'
E 025°  07. 125'


Yes, Hoeksfontein Safari has taken to the sky. For the first time in the Pearston area, there were hang gliders and para gliders in the sky. Jumping from 1400 meters above sea level and gliding down for 400 meters turned out to be a wonderful experience.

Dr Stephan Ferreira from Port Elizabeth, South Africa: "We had lovely flights on two out of three days. This is raw, breathtaking African flying at its best. A harsh landscape, a big mountain with typical 4x4 access and plenty of thermal triggers that guarantee awesome Karoo flying. Hospitality and accommodation was top drawer and we could cry for our clubmates and friends that could not attend. At the end of the weekend we concluded that even if we did not get to fly at all, it is still worthwhile to do a weekend at Hoeksfontein. It is true soul food and we WILL be back. The Hawkwind Paragliding Weekend at Hoeksfontein exceeded all expectations - no real surprises here!"

Hannes Steyn, at 56, from Knysna, South Africa : "Thank You for sharing your part of the world with us. You couldn't have chosen a better place for your lodge among the mountains, trees and next to the river. It’s an absolute haven to recharge your sole. Driving up the mountain through the indigenous trees is something to experience and then to arrive on top, spread your paraglider wing, hook the thermals and look down over the valleys and fly a personal best, is something to remember for a lifetime. I would love to come back to Hoeksfontein one day. You surely are a lucky guy to live here."


"Recently our Hawkwind Paragliding club from Port Elizabeth, South Africa spent a weekend at Bontebok Lodge, Hoeksfontein, Pearston, in the Eastern Cape. We were hosted by the owner, Bennie van Niekerk.
We were eight couples and five single pilots. Four kids came along, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. The couples were easily accommodated in eight bungalows, each with an en suite bathroom. Single pilots slept in a dormitory, with more than adequate ablution facilities. The common lapa and kitchen/entertainment area was a lot of fun, and proved to be excellent to get cohesion and team spirit going. The lovely log fire in the lapa created such a peaceful atmosphere that none of us wanted to go to bed. I was surprised at how easy such a large group was accommodated without any hiccups.

Bennie arranged transport to the flying site. This was an experience on its own - having 15 pilots and their onlookers on an ex-military Buffel, driving roads that are testimony to the tenacity and stubbornness so typical of a Karoo farmer. I couldn't believe the audacity, the nerve and the guts that it must have taken to even contemplate making a road in these mountains.


Arriving at take-off was mind blowing. All of a sudden the landscape dropped away, revealing the harsh earth of the big, flat valley 400 metres below, with Pearston 20km away in the distance. After the excitement of the journey most of the pilots went quiet - this was big-sky country. However, that didn't last long - soon everybody was scrambling to get there gliders and launch - this place just begged to be flown.
I must explain that our intention with the weekend was to have a club social weekend - it was booked so far in advance that we had no idea what the weather would do at the time. So for us to fly three out of three days was the cherry on top. Pilots ranged from fairly inexperienced to the proverbial old dogs. Everybody could fly within their own abilities. Thermals were abundant, and everybody had a taste. On the first day most pilots chose to fly back to the lodge, about six kilometres away. To land in this quiet, intimidating landscape and to pack your glider in silence with nothing around you except the quiet sun and the odd staring antelope is really special. On subsequent flights some of the more experienced pilots flew around to the next valley and back, a round trip of about 20 km. Serious cross country possibilities certainly is on here.
Back at the lodge the pool, volley ball and other lawn games sapped our last energy before sunset, leaving us quiet and content around the fire, and ready for a good night's sleep, dreaming of tomorrow's flying.
So if you want to enjoy time out, away from cell phones and pc's and malls, if you want to fly the huge Karoo and breathe it's crisp air, if you want to experience the honesty of packing you glider and walking to a dirt road in the hot sun, and sleep well at night, content with the fact that life is good, then you should visit Hoeksfontein.
Thanks! Dr Stephan A Ferreira"

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