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The Latest Hoeksfontein News

Leonid Krieger from Russia hunted this Blesbuck ram at a distance of 215 meter, using a Blazer R8 with 155 gr Hornady ammunition.

This is JR, from Spain: "I returned 3 years after my first visit to Hoeksfontein. Your warm, good humour and professionality made that trip memorable. I developed a passion for hunting. This year's Bushbuck hunt and the Black Wildebeest hunt will always remain in my memory as a life time experience. Professional hunter Vorster du Randt was an excellent hunting companion."

JR and Pepe did well at wing shooting for the morning.

Andrea Coppo is from Italy: "Little did I know that of my 8 African safaris this would have been the best hunting in the beautiful Eastern Cape. The quality of game offered an excellent hunting opportunity which I'll remember most fondly. The accommodation, food, trophy quality, location, game abundance and all the "technical" ingredients of a perfect plains game safari were all there. Bennie has it all!! But what really made the difference has been the warm family atmosphere that has been all around since I arrived at the lodge. Thanks again for a memorable experience, above and beyond expectations. Rest assured that, God willing, I'll hunt again with you in the future, as my African quest still has a long way to go ."
pH Vorster du Randt accompanied Andrea on his hunt.

DALE MATUSZCZAK from NEBRASKA, USA : "It was a great experience to hunt in Africa for the first time. There were so many animals and a great variety of species. It was truly a wonderful experience and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Louis was a great guide."

Vince is from Johannesburg South Africa: "The process of obtaining this Scimitar Horned Oryx was the best hunting experience I've had in my 5 years of being a hunter. The great variety of game that is found in the area is amazing. Great hunting! Thanks for every moment."
Vince was accompanied by pH Vorster du Randt

This is Mike Nel from Pretoria, South Africa: "I shot this Zebra and a Blesbuck at the water hole from a blind. I used a Bear Arch compound bow with 100g G5 Montec broad heads and they each only went 80 meters. We had an excellent hunt at Hoeksfontein Safaris and both Bennie and Louis went out of their way to make our stay as enjoyable as possible. Great area, great people, great experience! We will definitely be back."

Ben Bester from Struisbaai, South Africa : "Thank you for a nice hunt - like all the previous 14 years - and it only gets better and better every year. I hunted this Blue wildebeest bull on a walk and stalk with Stoffel. I shot him with my Ruger 270 with 150 gr PMP 8 at 125 meters. I will never forget this hunt."

Troy Bowers from South Dakota, USA : "Bennie and crew did an amazing JOB! They guided me to the Springbuck grand slam the first day out! The number of beautiful animals and trophies were undoubtedly some of the best in South Africa. I saw many different terrains from plains to the mountains. Spending time with Bennie was great. I had a lot of questions and he answered them all. I will definitely be back! Thanks to all who made this a memory of a lifetime."

Michael Davis from the USA: "Thank you for the hunt of a lifetime. I couldn't be more pleased. I feel so honoured and humbled to have been able to experience a hunt like this. Hunting this big Eland bull was one great experience."

Laszlo Szabo from Hungary: "I acquired two beautiful trophies within two hours' time, including this beautiful Nyala bull. It was another great experience for me! I didn't have too much time, but enjoyed each and every second. Respect the game and good health to the hunter!"

Jacoline van Jaarsveld from Struisbaai, South Africa : "From the first morning that I had this Black Springbuck ram in my 260 Remington's scope, I could not get it out of my mind. Louis and I spent quite a few hours' walk and stalk before we found my ram. We allowed him time to relax among a group of ewes. He laid down, we went prone and, while looking at his head in the view of my scope at 170 metres, over 45 minutes went by. Then, with only one clean neck shot with the 129 gr Accubonde bullet, I had acquired my prize. It was my first successful walk and stalk hunt and one of my best hunting experiences ever! I learned a lot and thank you for your patience, Louis!"

Dr Marlon Appolis from Port Elizabeth, South Africa: "Hoeksfontein Safaris offer a great hunting area and guidance. What an absolutely incredible experience. Thanks to Stoffel, my guide, who assisted me to walk and stalk this warthog.

Giorgia Battisti from Italy : "It was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a lot of new things and left with a lot of new emotions. All the animals that I hunted were amazing, but the one I like the most was this Kudu Bull that I shot at 175 meters with one perfect shot on the shoulder. It was massive and such a beautiful animal. I will for ever remember everyone and everything. I will be back for sure." Thanks to pH Voster du Randt who accompanied Giorgia.
Agent: Luca Bogarelli


SLAVOMIR JANOK from Slovakia shot this fine specimen of Nyala. The bull was 100 meter away when Slavo hit it with a 308 caliber rifle on the first afternoon of his safari.
Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432

MILAN FEDORCO from Slovakia hunted this beautiful Red Hartebeest bull at 120 meters with a 308 caliber rifle.
Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432

Ladislav Kulinak (Baba) from Slovakia is seen with his Gemsbuck, shot with a 300 WinMag at 150 meters. Thanks to pH Voster du Randt who accompanied Baba.
Agent: Andras Szollar: szollar.a@gmail.com
+36 30 3274432

Christine van Zyl from Port Elizabeth, South Africa writes: "What an adventure! It started at first sight of this Waterbuck bull that we noticed when arriving at the farm. However, I missed the opportunity to get it, so we had to return. We walked and stalked the animal for hours through dense bush, until I finally got to shoot it - I took one perfect shot with the 300 Winchester Magnum at a distance of 50 meters. I was so happy and proud of myself, going home with my first buck." Christine was accompanied by pH Voster du Randt.

Christian Battisti from Italy: "I had an amazing time! I love the nature and all the different animals that we encountered. I had a really great time when hunting this Mountain Reedbuck ram at 195 meter with one shot, using a 300 short Magnum. I have very good memories. The people were amazing and I won't forget them. I will be back."
Christian was accompanied by pH Voster du Randt.

Agent: Luca Bogarelli


The 11 year Emmaley Hewson from Fort Beaufort, South Africa: "I am very happy for having shot my first animal, this 17 inch Blesbuck ram shot at 120 meter with my father's 30-06. It was a very exiting experience. I shot before my dad could think. Thanks Louis for all your help and patience."

Kobus van Zyl from Port Elizabeth, South Africa: "It was a great morning for climbing up the hill on our way to look for white Springbuck. Before long I was presented with a temptation I couldn't resist and decided to go for this beautiful Red Lechwe bull. At about 100 meters away, I shouldered my 300 Winchester Magnum and with one perfect shoulder shot I had myself a big Red Lechwe bull. I couldn't be HAPPIER! Thank you for the best family weekend ever. Each time it just gets better, as we experience wonderful hospitality, service and meals. We were able to shoot all the game that we requested and, as always, we left Hoeksfontein Safaris with big smiles on our faces. Until next time."

Dwayne Vermaak from Port Elizabeth, South Africa: "From a lookout point we spotted two Fallow deer Stags fighting on the opposite side of the ravine. As we were stalking closer, we struggled up the mountain side. We finally reached the top and spotted the winner at 150 meters, standing proud and unaware of our presence. I positioned the 300 Winchester Magnum on the tripod, loaded with 150 gr Remington rounds. With one perfect shot we had a new winner!"

Du Toit Hills from George South Africa: "This was one of my best experiences and my most exciting hunt ever. We heard the animals coming down the mountain and I shot this Bush pig boar with a 30-06, using PMP ammunition. Thanks Pepe."

The 5th annual hunting weekend for The Innovation for blind people from Worcester, South Africa: “We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to be invited to go on a hunting trip with the team from Innovation for the Blind. We had an amazing time and especially enjoyed the time spent with a fantastic group of people! I would also like to extend a word of thanks to Hoeksfontein Safaris for the fantastic weekend on the farm; you really went out of your way to make it an unforgettable experience! Thank you for your hospitality and for the warmth with which you welcomed each of us. We will remember this weekend for ever and we have great appreciation for all the work you put into this weekend. Thanks to Pepe and all the sponsors, hunters and support family, friends and staff. You did so much for us and for the guys of Innovation. The ride back was long, but it was a pleasure to hear everybody's stories about how they experienced the weekend. Opportunities like these give new hope and life. Once again a sincere thank you for everything!! It was truly a weekend filled with friendship, fantastic experiences, great food and generosity.

Christian Neubus from Germany. "It was my first time hunting in South Africa in the amazing nature, with a lot of great animals. Thanks for the nice experience and the wonderful accommodation at Bontebok Lodge. I hunted my first animal - this 16 inch Blesbuck ram - with a Sauer 404, calibre 8x57 JS, using 180gr Hornady ammunition at 120 meter."

Andre Marais from Velddrif, South Africa, is very happy with his 17 inch Blesbok ram. He hunted the animal at a distance of 12 meters with his Mathews Drenalin bow, set at 70 pounds, using an Easton FMJ arrow with Rage Broadhead tip.

Hein Botes from Perth Australia: “As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed movement towards my left. I could not believe my own eyes - from nowhere a Lechwe bull emerged from the left and slowly walked out in front of me, approximately thirty metres away. As it disappeared behind a bush, I came to full draw with my Mathews Halon 32 with a 32-inch draw length set at sixty five pounds. I waited for what felt like an eternity until it finally decided to emerge from behind the bush. Only the head, shoulders and torso protruded beyond the bush but that was good enough for me. I let the arrow Gold tip, 250 shafts with a 200gr grizzly single-bevel broad head, mounted on a titanium insert – total arrow mass 680 grains - fly. I heard it smack as it penetrated the engine room. The Lechwe galloped for a few yards and then expired as it went down. Elation would have been an understatement to describe the feeling I had when I finally, at the last minute, got my Lechwe.”

Dylan Stone from Port Elizabeth, South Africa: “As I got into the Bow camp I spotted some black Springbuck feeding and started to stalk them, but as I came around the bush they moved off. I kept walking slowly and suddenly spotted this old Blesbuck ram feeding head down. I closed the gap to about 30m. I drew back my Bow tech Reign 7 with an Easton Aftermath arrow, tipped with a 100 grain Rage Hypodermic head. As I came out from behind the bush he snorted and ran to about 40 metres and looked at me while I was in full draw, unsure of what I was. I picked my spot and put my 40 pin on his shoulder and squeezed. The arrow hit him hard on the shoulder. He limped off and disappeared behind bushes. I gave him 10 minutes because the shot looked good. He didn't make it 30 metres."

Armandt Basson is from Irene South Africa. He shot this 4 horned Damara ram with a .308 Musgrave rifle.



Andreas Petrakov from Germany hunted this massive Eland bull with a carcass weight of 445 kg. It took 4 Peregrine 220 gr shots from his 300 Merkel RX Helix at 220 meter to take down the bull.
Andreas was assisted by Louis van Niekerk

Pisa Simonini Spada from Italy: “My First Safari in Africa was an incredible, unique experience. The hunting done by Bennie is an ethic hunt. It’s not only pulling of a trigger it is also for the care, the patience and then you are constantly in contact with Nature, together with a lot of emotions. Thanks a lot for the lifetime experience that you gave me. It was special to hunt this Sable Bull of 39 inches. With all my heart I thank my mentor and my teacher “The Hunter” Luca Bogarelli. It was an honour to approach this new passion with you. I will remember it for the rest of my life, as you taught me: In hunting nothing is sure, but everything is possible!
I shall be back very soon, for sure!”

Agent: Luca Bogarelli


Pietre van Niekerk (Pepe) from Hoeksfontein Safaris: ”We spotted three enormous Blue wildebeest bulls while on a lion hunt. When we returned the next day, we spotted a very unique bull and decided that this was the bull to shoot. Although I have been hunting for several years, I was shivering; nervous and excited at the same time.
Aiming with a 375 Remington loaded with 300 grain PMP rounds and waiting for the bull to move away from the cows, those few minutes felt like hours. I took the shot and the bull jumped up in the air and ran off. Soon though, my disappointment was replaced with pride, when we found the bull a few meters away - down and dead. A big hug and thank you to my husband, Bennie, for the opportunity to hunt in the Kalahari.”

Frederick du Plessis from Randburg South Africa: “Early one windy morning we started our walk-and-stalk, looking for one of my dream animals, the mountain Reedbuck. It was not long before we spotted a large group of mountain reedbuck, lying in the morning sun. We tried to stalk closer, but they ran away and disappeared over the ridges.
After 5 km's walk up and down the mountain, we saw a beautiful ram running back with his ewes. We sat down to allow them to relax and start grazing again. We stalked the group up to 300 metres and I took my first shot from the shooting sticks. The shot was one meter too high; my second shot was just to the left of the ram. He ran 75 metres further and stopped, quartering away. The third shot with my 3006 Browning. loaded with a 180gr Norma Oryx bullet, was a perfect neck shot, only 300 metres from the vehicle where we had stopped in the morning. I am grateful for this wonderful experience.”