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Gallery 2012 - 2013

Christiaan Joubert from Lydenburg, South Africa with his four horned Damara Sheep."

Christo Swanepoel from Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa with the Ostrich he specially shot for his wife.

Hugo Roos from Paarl, South Africa. He is very pleased with this Kudu bull he shot at 150 meters.

Nico Kersop from Gordon's Bay, South Africa. He shot his first trophy Fallow Deer in the head with his 30-06 Winchester, using 180g ammunition at 350 meters. "This was the best shot I have ever taken. I will remember it for the rest of my life."

Jacobus Nell from Hermanus, South Africa with his 13" Warthog, says: "Bennie spotted a group of warthogs about 500m away. We stalked them, ending up with the big boar in my sight without him knowing of our presence. I took the shot and only realized the size of this animal when I saw the tusks. It was a very good day with a hunt that exceeded all my expectations."

Sakkie Rust from Struisbaai, South Africa is, once again, very happy and satisfied that he was able to shoot this Blue Duiker in the run at 25m, at Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa. It is to be said that it was after several attempts and on the second day hunting for his Blue Duiker!! Sakkie says that after having hunted just about every other species in South Africa including Buffalo, this was probably the most challenging animal he has ever hunted. You never know where, when or how the Blue Duiker will surprise you on the hunt. This little animal has the ability to adjust his speed radically and can make a 360 degree turn before you can lift the rifle.

Gerhard Du Preez from Robertson, South Africa with his first Waterbuck bull. "Almal is nou weer terug in die tuig. Die seer voete is gedokter, al die dorings is uitgetrek en die batterye is gelaai. Van ons kant af, baie dankie vir 'n onvergeetlike jag daar op jou plaas. Dankie vir julle gasvryheid, julle moeite om dit n blywende ondervinding vir almal te maak en julle profesioneele optrede te alle tye. Dankie ook dat julle dit so spesiaal vir Christopher en Francois gemaak het. Ek dink dis 'n jag wat hulle hul hele lewe sal bybly. Ek moet net keer of Christopher wil terug gaan. As sy mond oopgaan, praat hy van die jag by oom Bennie en oom Sakkie. Dis lekker om as jagters by jou plaas aan te kom, en as vriende daar weg te gaan. Groete tot weersiens, Gary"


Dominque Douchain from Chanbery, France. He is very happy with this beautiful Blue Wildebeest bull he shot at 150 meter on his first hunting trip to South Africa. The PH that accompanied him was Glaeser Conradie


Ernest Brand from Table View, South Africa with 3 of the 10 Warthogs and 3 Springbok he shot on his birthday. He preferred to walk and stalk all animals. In his own words: "A day never to be forgotten! I will remember it for the rest of my life! Can one man be so lucky, all in one day?"

Ricco Nielsen and his Friends form Denmark. A very good morning hunt for Springbok.

Didier Leblanc from Saint Ogen, France and his wife Annie with a Zebra which he shot with a 375. Glaeser Conradie was the PH who accompanied him on his hunt.

 Melt Marais from Agulhas, South Africa: "I was fortunate enough to have my very first hunting experience with Bennie van Niekerk at his farm, Hoeksfontein. At sunrise of the first day we were already on the back of the hunting vehicle on our way to look for game. I was anticipating maybe starting my hunting experience with something small like a Springbok, when only minutes have passed and Bennie pointed out to me a pair of Kudu horns in the bushes. "This was it! Opportunity calls! Take the shot!" all was going through my mind. I shot my first Kudu at 90 meters with my Winchester Model 70, 30-06 Springfield with a 180grain bullet. Arriving at my Kudu bull we discovered it was a beautiful Kudu bull with 47 inch horns. I could not have been happier. A perfect start to a great sport."

Die Instistuut vir blindes se visie is : " Saam skep ons 'n toekoms vir siggestremdes." Dankie dat julle ons hande gevat het en om hierdie naweek saam hierdie avontuur te beleef. Ons se ook by die Instituut: " Hier maak ons drome waar." Julle het ons instaat gestel om hierdie naweek die drome van blindes waar te maak. Dankie Bennie, Hessie, Niel, Cornell, Retief en al die ander wat 'n rol gespeel het, ook elke borg ! ( 1. Dr Dean Barclay - oogspesialis 2. Dr Stef Grobler - oogspesialis 3. Eye & Lazer Institute - Port Elizabeth 4. Retief Cilliers - Departement Landbou & Wildbestuur van NMMU ) Hierdie naweek is onuitwisbaar in ons geheues gegraveer. Onthou die blindes vergeet nie. Julle is deel van ons familie. Ons sal julle nooit vergeet nie! Baie dankie !!! Freddie Botha en die blindes van Worcester.

Bet Fensen from Denmark with her first animal shot in South Africa. The Black Wildebeest bull was shot at 140 meter with a .300 Winchester Magnum.

Hein Siebert from Johannesburg, South Africa, visited Hoeksfontein Safaris with a specific purpose in mind. So he was very happy when he found this Nyala bull, which he shot with his CVA Muzzle loader, using a 120 grain load behind a 249grain bullet.

Sakkie Rust from Struisbaai, South Africa is very happy with his 4 inch Klipspringer ram, shot at 180 meters with his 7mm.

Franz Hagemann from Seulingen, Germany with his Cape Grysbok ram of 3,75 inches. He also shot the biggest ( Eland ) and smallest ( Blue Duiker ) antelope in South Africa within 24 hours. "This was a Great hunt. I got all the animals on my wish list plus more. Bennie just does not give up and it paid off."

Paolo Bogarelli from Brescia, Italy. "My first hunting  experience in Africa! I started with a nice Blesbuck ram. Then with a F..... Steenbok 8 shots later. In the next few days I became nice and calm and enjoyed every opportunity to bag 14 trophy animals from the Eastern Cape. Thanks to Bennie for his patience and professionalism." 


Luca Bogarelli from Brescia, Italy "I got this nice trophy after an exciting stalk of over 600 meters. We were able to get within 18 meters of the Black Wildebeest herd that had taken cover in some bushes. As soon as the old bull presented itself amongst the herd of females, I shot him on the shoulder with my 8 X 68S." 


Werner Leonard from Johannesburg, South Africa. "I had the privilege of my first hunting trip in the Eastern Cape at Hoeksfontein Safaris. We went out early, hoping to find the elusive Fallow Deer Stag. We walked and stalked the mountain and at about 600 meters spotted a few Fallow Deer ewes. My guide pointed out a beautiful stag, with bigger antlers than I expected, appearing from the thicket. We carefully stalked up the mountain at a 50 degrees incline to get under 300 meter range, because he was much higher than us. It took us 30 min to get into a comfortable range. I raised my .308 rifle, loaded with a 180 gr bullet and took the shot, as we realized he had noticed us. It was in the vitals; he trotted off, aiming for the thicket. I was drained, but very happy and satisfied with my very first Fallow Deer. It was a magnificent trophy. This was one of the most exiting hunts in the most beautiful part of South Africa, with very challenging terrain. I can only thank Outfitter Bennie, PH Francois and their team for a successful hunt."

Rob Kempen from Jacobsbaai, South Africa, with his 33 inch Eland bull, shot with his .375 at 185 meters. He was accompanied by PH Francois Du Preez.

Laszlo Koczy from Budaors, Hungary, with his Blue duiker. "It's the smallest antelope, but one of the most exciting hunts I have done; you never know when or where." Niel Pretorius was the Professional Hunter who accompanied Laszlo on his hunt.

Herbert Engles from Potchefstroom, South Africa, with the 32 inch Waterbuck bull he shot at 155 meter during a walk and stalk with his .375 rifle. He was accompanied by PH Francois Du Preez.

Gerhard Swart from Namibia, with his Mountain Reedbuck of 8,5 inches. He used his 7x57 rifle with 170gr Pro and took the shot at 200 meters. PH Frans Marais accompanied him on his hunt.

"This was my best shot ever.  The animals were running and I had a window of less than 2 seconds, as the buck was moving three quarters away at a 45 degree downward slope. I was lying on a krantz.  Thanks, once again, Bennie, for the trouble you took to make our hunt for bushbuck and reedbuck enjoyable - even beyond expectation."

Alberto Marchesi, from Italy, is very happy with this lioness that he shot on his hunt in the Kalahari. He took the shot at 35 meters with his .375 rifle. Alberto bagged seven animals on this safari. He was accompanied by PH Francois Du Preez.


Paulo from Italy with the beautiful male lion he shot in the Kalahari on his first trip to South Africa. The lion was feasting on a fresh Warthog kill of the morning. He also shot a 51 inch Kudu bull and 14 more trophy animals.



Paulo also shot this 51 inch Kudu bull and 14 more trophy animals.


Serafino Brugnette is from Italy. This 83 year old hunter shot his Black Springbok at 150 meter with a .270 calibre rifle. Well done. AGENTE ESCLUSIVO PER L'ITALIA E LA SLOVENIA:  ZANCHI GIUSEPPE---- www.sasafaris.it

Valerio Regazzoni from Italy, with his 12" Warthog shot at 95 meter with a .270 calibre rifle. He was accompanied by PH Niel Pretorius. AGENTE ESCLUSIVO PER L'ITALIA E LA SLOVENIA:  ZANCHI GIUSEPPE----www.sasafaris.it

Charl Froneman from South Africa is very happy with the Bushbuck ram he shot in the neck with his 30-06 Musgrave, using 168gr Sierra Game King at 110 meter.

Johnathan Fourie from Potchefstroom, South Africa. He shot this Red Letchwe at 75 meter with his 338 Ruger, 200gr Win Magnum Winchester Supreme.

Chanelize Swart from Alberton, South Africa, with two Springbok rams. "On my walk and stalk I was after Springbuck and spotted two rams fighting at about  110 meter. I prepared myself to shoot, but it took a while before I could take a shot, because they were moving around, fighting over dominion of the area. One of them paused and gave me a few seconds. I could take a perfect shot with my 308, using 180 grain PMP ammunition and he dropped. The other one kept on fighting with my dead Springbuck. Bennie told me to shoot him too and he went down next to his 'buddy'."

Paul, Nico and Hans Bester from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Paul is very happy with the Kudu bull he shot on their family weekend. HANS: "Not only the quality of animals, but the extra mile Bennie and Francois went in helping us to find all the animals we wanted. Having all three my kids and all six my grand children on a hunting weekend, was an experience my family and I will never forget."

Renier Eberwein of Suikerbosrand, South Africa - with the Black Springbok ram he shot at last light after a hard day of walking and stalking.

MARIO LOCATELLI of Italy successfully completed his seven animal hunting packet. Included was this 7 inch Mountain Reedbuck. His two friends LUCIANO GHIDONI and FRANCESCO FORESTI accompanied him on his visit to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.  AGENTE ESCLUSIVO PER L'ITALIA E LA SLOVENIA:  ZANCHI GIUSEPPE---- www.sasafaris.it

Gerhard Zeelie of South Africa, with his Four horned Dammara ram.

Nick Caripis from Boksburg, South Africa: "We took in our position facing the mountain and overlooking a valley. Two eland came down the mountain towards us and disappeared into the valley. Suddenly the Eland bull appeared at 150 meters and as I got ready to shoot, Bennie advised me to wait, as the bull would come closer still. After asking Bennie several times, he allowed me to shoot. With my 30-06 Remington, using a Pro am 180g round at about 60 meters, I hit the eland bull. He ran about 50 to 60 meters from there before he went down. This was my second visit to Hoeksfontein Safaris and I was once again well rewarded with a 32 inch eland bull and four springbuck. The rest of the group shot one eland, one impala, one Blesbuck and seven more springbuck - altogether 15 animals in two days. All I can say is 'WOW! what a place to hunt'. THANKS Bennie"

Ivan from Russia is very happy with the Scimitar horned Oryx he shot at 235 meter. Altogether he shot 6 trophy animals. Barry Burchell of Frontier Safari's was his PH.

Dmitriy from Russia with the Porcupine he added to his trophy collection. The porcupine makes a very interesting trophy that catches the interest of bystanders. Dmitry was accompanied by PH Barry Burchell of Frontier Safaris.

12 year old Simon Kalell from Cape Town, South Africa, with his first Kudu shot at 285 meters, using a .308 Musgrave. He is the youngest of three generation hunters that visited Hoeksfontein. His father, Anthony Kalell, shot four animals and 77 year old grand father, Alec Kalell, shot a Gemsbok bull at 345 meters, using his 375. His brother Daniel, 9 years younger,  also shot his fist Springbuck on the same weekend.

This is Jeffrey R. Schmitz from the USA with a fine specimen of Eastern Cape Kudu bull. He took it down with a neck shot at 375 meters with a 30-06. He also shot an Impala, Cape Springbok and Blesbok on the safari. Jannie Geyer (jnr) accompanied him as PH.

The 10 year old Pierich Siebert from Prieska, South Africa, with the Scimitar bull he shot at 230 meters with a .308.

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