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Gallery 2008 - 2009

It is late in the afternoon and the light is getting softer when we enter the valley at the foot of the mountain. Bennie stops the car and points towards the mountain in front of us. I can't see anything - as usual! Bennie takes my rifle, points it in the direction of the spot and invites me to look through the scope.
At last I see the kudu in the bush. He is looking at us from about 250 meters. I turn the scope to 16 power and see the kudu’s shoulder visible  behind a tree. I take off the safety, rest the rifle on top of the pick-up, aim for the top of the kudu’s shoulder and touch the trigger. The shot is fired and I am dazzled by the muzzle blast. The shot is high - the kudu jumps and runs away. I am frustrated because I didn't take the elevation into account. Bennie is worried that the animal may be wounded and orders the trackers to control the situation with the help of the dogs. They don't find any blood traces, which I am very happy about.
We drive up into the valley and arrive on a plateau, before the mountain starts to rise. We get out of the pick-up and walk towards the mountain. Bennie told me to hold my rifle down in order to avoid reflections. He stops behind a bush and shows me three kudu bulls grazing on some trees, against the mountain in front of us. The low sun behind us lights up the scene very well. My PH shows me which bull to shoot. He is feeding at 150 meters. I lean my rifle on the rest, take the safety off and put the scope on 8 power. My kudu bull is walking and is going into the bush. I am afraid that he will disappear from sight.  I set the sights of my 300 Blazer just low behind his shoulders and I touch the trigger. The shot fires and the mountain, like an amphitheatre, clearly echoes the sound of the 196 grains bullet hitting the animal. It’s wounded in the stomach and runs into the bush. I shot three more bullets and the last one hits the antelope's heart. Bennie shouts in Italian:
When we find my kudu bull, I can see that it is a beautiful trophy and I think it will not be easy to find a place where I can display it at home, but I am very happy. I succeeded in obtaining the trophy I was dreaming of since I was a teenager, when I read Hemingway's book "Green hills of Africa".
I waited 50 years, but now, I've done  it!!! Thank you, Bennie.
Giovanni Roncaletti  - ITALY

Marco Leonardi from Italy, on his first safari to South Africa, shot this Blue Wildebeest bull with his Blazer 300 Winchester Magnum, using 169gr bullets.

Samuele Torresani from Italy was very happy after shooting this Blesbuck with his custom built 6.5-284 at 120 meter.

Eugenio Fiorocci from Italy Shot his Gemsbok "Oryx" with his 300 Blazer at 210 meters.

14 year old Andrea Valsecchi from Italy with his Blesbuck, shot at 170 meters with his 243.

Tom Fraley from USA shot this Bontebok,  which scores 42 and 6/8" on S.C.I. It is a new # 3 with a muzzleloader. Tom uses a Long Range Hunter Knight rifle in 50 caliber with a thumbhole stock.

Charles Jordaan, "PH"  from Cradock, South Africa, with his 14" Bushbuck, shot with a 22-250.

Luca Corio "Popi" - from Italy - shot this Bushpig with his 300 Winchester at a distance of 165 meters.

Deon Rathbone from Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa, shot these beautiful Fallow Deer stags with his 243.

Dennis Anderson from USA shot the Scimitar Horned Oryx with his 30.378. He was accompanied by PH Schalk de Villiers.

Carlo Valsecchi, from Italy, shot his Mountain Reedbuck with horn length of 8,5" with his 300 Magnum at 180m. This is the biggest Mountain Reedbuck shot at Hoeksfontein in 17 years.

Guliemo Marino - "Gully" - from Italy has hunted all over Africa and has even shot some of the Big Five - but shooting his smallest animal, the Blue Duiker, has given him great pleasure.



Marco Bosco from Rome, Italy, shot this Black Springbuck with his 300 Magnum. This is the animal he most wanted  to hunt in Africa.

Koos Roux of South Africa smiles broadly after finding this Eland which he shot with his 30-06, fondly named "kwessie".

Giovan Battista Mazzucchelli from Italy shot this Mountain Reedbuck with his 7mm Vina rifle, which was custom-built for him.

Maria Grazia Pettini from Italy shot this Blesbuck with one shot - like most of her seven trophies - using her Winchester 243 SWM, loaded with 100gr ammunition.

Ben Bester From East London, South Africa, shot this Burchell's Zebra especially for his wife with his 30.06

Giuseppe Zanchi from Italy shot this 38" Scimitar Horned Oryx  with his 6.62 Blazer

Francois van Niekerk of Somerset East, South Africa shot this Springbuck of 15" with his .300 in Namibia.

Sakkie Rust from Struisbaai, South Africa, shot this beautiful Kudu bull with his 7mm on a walk and stalk hunt.

WHAT IS THIS? ... you might well ask. Gert van Niekerk from East Londen, South Africa, shot this special BURCHELL GEMSBOK or GOLDEN GEMSBOK of 39" with his .300 Remington Ultra  Magnum at 210 meters.


John Thorne of Somerset, England, shot his first animal at the young age of 73 with a 30-06 at 187 meters. Well done! - one is never too old to start.

Nico Bester,  11 years old from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, shot this White Blesbuck with a 270 Musgrave at 120m with 130g Winchester fail safe ammunition. This was Nico's  first successful walk-and-stalk with his father. Well done!

Gert van Niekerk from East Londen, South Africa, with a beautiful four-horn sheep ram. He shot with his 270 Win, using 150gr Rhino ammunition.

Mark van der Zee from East Londen, South Africa, with his Black Wildebeest of 63", shot with a custom built 300 Ultra Magnum Remington, using 180gr Rhino bullets. The shot was taken at 364m.

Jaume Estape Palmads  with his first African animal. This tough, Blue Wildebeest bull was shot with a 308.   The newly weds from Spain enjoyed themselves on their honeymoon, while visiting some national game parks and other interesting places worth seeing  in the Eastern Cape. They also went deep sea fishing with good results.  

William Stopforth from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, shot this Impala ram with his 308 at 152 meters, using 100gr GS Custom bullets and 45 gr S321 powder.

Steve Hendryx from USA shot this White Springbok at 110 meters. He was accompanied by PH David Lloyd.


Steve Vine from Uitenhage, South Africa,  very happy after taking this Eland bull with one shot at 320 meters. He shot it with his 375 Magnum, using 265gr HV bullets by GS Custom Bullets.

Diron Hurn, 10 years old from South Africa, shot his first Warthog with a .223.

"Dear uncle Benny, thanks for helping me get my first warthog. It was fun shooting the pig and I will not forget it. I am looking forward to coming again. Thanks again. Best wishes from Diron."

Gert van Niekerk from East Londen, South Africa, with the Axis Deer he shot with his .375 at 120 meters.

Brandan Jose Martins from Centurion, South Africa, is 12 years old.  Amongst others, he shot his first Springbuck with a 7X64.  "Well done" to him for shooting 9 animals on his trip to the Eastern Cape.

Francisco Jose Rosa Martins of Centurion, South Africa, with his Fallow deer.

Luca Gaeti from Italy  with the Kudu bull he shot with his 270 Weatherby Magnum. He shot 15 trophy animals on his  first trip, which pleased him tremendously.

Kevin Duncan from Cape Town, South Africa, is  very proud of himself and smiling happily after having shot his first Black Wildebeest at 70 meters.


"Cucumber" from Denmark  shot this Steen buck with his 6mm on his first hunting trip to South Africa.



Kurt from Denmark shot this Zebra with his 7mm at 375 meters.


Heinrich Bischoff of Durbanville, South Africa,  shot this Kudu bull at 270 meters. He hunted for the kudu in the mountains and helped carry it to the vehicle. This is part of the hunting experience that is remembered for a long time, especially when  the rifle is being used for the first time to shoot its very first animal. Heinrich used 150gr PMP cartridges in his .270 Brno rifle.  

Hendrik Steyn from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, used his Pedersoli African Express .72 Black powder rifle to shoot this Giraffe. It took more than one 353gr round ball and a 770gr conical to kill, after three kilometers of walk and stalk. All shots were fired from less than 90 meters.

Jackie Crafford from Garsfontein, South Africa, shot this beautiful Warthog of 12" on his hunt in the Eastern Cape.

Sakkie Rust from Struisbaai, South Africa, can proudly add this Blue Wildebeest to his trophy list. He took the shot at 155 meters with a 7mm Remington Magnum, using 150gr Hornady Interbond ammunition.

Len "K@K SKIET" van Vuuren from George, South Africa, shot his first Black Wildebeest  with his BLACK POWDER 54 Great Plains Hunter 300gr Sabot. It was a perfect shot behind the shoulder and the bullet penetrated completely.

Dylan Liebenberg, 14, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, shot his first animal with a 223 at 60 meters. The Springbuck horns measure over 13 inches.

Glen Liebenberg of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, smiles happily  after shooting his first animal at 40 years of age. He shot the 21 inch Impala ram at 120 meters with a 223.

Uys du Preez of South Africa Shot his first Springbuck at 80 meters with his grandfather's 243 rifle.

Aimee Hewson, 12 years old, from Addo South Africa,  shot her first Black Wildebeest  at 180 meters, using a 30-06 rifle with 168gr PMP ammunition. She was blooded in the traditional way.

Gert van Niekerk of East Londen, South Africa, with his Red Deer stag of 35". He shot it at 150 meters with his 375. It was a perfect heart shot.

Dean Grommet of Montana, USA, with his Scimitar Horned Oryx. He shot it with his 7mm and the PH that accompanied him was Schalk de Villiers.


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