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Gallery 2006 - 2007

Derick Inggs of South Africa shot this Eland bull of 33" with his 30-06.

Frederic Garcia of Spain shot this Black Springbuck and eight more trophies - including the Common Springbuck and the White Springbuck - on his safari.

Charl Wenum from Klerksdorp shot this 15" Bontebok Ram with a 7X57 on 16 June 2007 at a distance of 210 metres. He made a bad mistake, but it is a very good trophy nonetheless! (He is probably not the first hunter who mistook a Bontebok for a Blesbok.)

Rohann Verwey from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, is 12 years old and shot his first Springbuck with a 223 on 28 September 2007. This was an opportunity he had been looking forward to. "After walking for some time, we spotted three Springbuck on a dam wall about 700m away. We stalked under cover of low ground and when we spotted them again, we were so close that a springbuck completely filled the scope. We backed off a little distance and Rohann took his shot. Thank you - this was an unforgettable experience for Rohann."

Deon Botha from Port Elizabeth South Africa is very happy after having shot his first Eland.

Manael Garcia Fernandez of Spain shot this Bushbuck with his 243.

Pepe and Carmen of Spain, with a Blue Duiker he shot on his safari.  Pepe shot a total of 21 animals on his visit to the Eastern Cape.

Carmen with her first animal hunted in Africa.  She shot this impala over a distance of 220 meters with a 270WSM.

This fine specimen of Burchell's Zebra was taken on Hoeksfontein farm by Belgian, Jose Zirstraffsen.

On his first visit to the Eastern Cape of South Africa, this young Spaniard, Oriol Bayes "Nothing", shot this 23" Impala.  Oriol is 15.

Damir Vrhovnik of Croatia visited Hoeksfontein for a second time.  Here he is pictured with his Cape Grysbuck.

"Pepe", Jose Cortes Genesca from Spain shot this 9" Grey Reed Buck with his 270 WSM.  This is the largest of its kind to be taken in 17 years. Well done!

Giuseppe Zanchi is very happy with his bush pig. Giuseppe is from Italy.

Walter Busnelli from Italy with his waterbuck taken on his second safari at Hoeksfontein.

A proud Bennedetto Vinci came all the way from Italy to shoot his red hartebeest.


José Maria Losa from Spain got a good shot at this Springbuck in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Bennie van Niekerk poses with José Maria Losa after his hunt for Cape Bushbuck.

Fred Kirghmatr from Germany shot his Black Wildebeest with a 308.

Roger Persson from Sweden is very happy with his shot at this Black Wildebeest.

Tepo from Sweden shot this Gemsbuck bull with a horn length of 38"

Thomas Knodler took a great neck shot at this Blesbuck with his 25-06. Thomas is from Germany.

Francois du Preez from Cookhouse, RSA, shot this 15,5" Reed Buck with an old 303 at 350 meters

Bennie van Niekerk shot his 5,5" Oribi at 200 meters in the Kokstad, KZN area, using his 308.

This Eland bull with a horn length of 34" was shot by Dion Rathbone of Jeffreys Bay, RSA.  He used his 308 and took the shot at 180 meters.

John Bussey jnr. from the USA with a great Kudu bull taken at 180 meters.  This was the last opportunity he had for his Kudu.  Last light on the last day and an extreme case of leaving the best for last!!

A Red Lechwe of 39.5" shot by Damir Vrhovnik of Croatia.  Damir used a 300 Win Mag and took the shot at 180 meters

Max from Jackson in the USA with an outstanding Kudu bull taken with his 7mm.

John Bussey snr. " The cane man" from Jackson USA with a good Red Hartebeest bull.

Steven Bouwer of the  RSA with his Gemsbuck bull measuring 39" . Steven took the bul at 300m.  He took up the challenge of the shot and was rewarded with sweet success.

Albert Serra of Spain with his 10" warthog.  He took the animal with a Musgrave 308 Win.  He took another two Warthog on the same day on walk and stalk.  No mean feat.  Albert and "Teacher" were in South Africa for their honeymoon.

Jose Maria Antigas of Spain with a White Blesbuck Ram measuring 17inches. Jose took the trophy with his 300 Magnum.


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